Monday 14 April 2008

Getting Nerdy?

I'm always thinking of new ways to do new things and now I've got to the stage where I think learning some new tricks would be useful for my GIS development. I've started off trying to learn Visual Basic for Applications with ArcGIS so that I can develop solutions to problems I have or might come across in the course of my work. I've used the work of other developers in the past and I think it's now time for me to try and develop some tools of my own. I don't imagine I will get very good very quickly since I don't have much free time but I am keen to get going. We'll see how I get on in due course...

I've put a widget for this blog on my personal pages at the University of Manchester, which Alex Hardman pointed out to me. He's already nerdy but then it's all relative I suppose. Other than the VBA thing, I'm working on my screencasting project which I hope will end up being really helpful to students who need to use software in their courses but get stuck at some stage. This is a work in progress but things are going well so far.