Friday 8 January 2010

GeoDa - for spatial data analysis

A quick post today on GeoDa - a piece of software for spatial data analysis, and also a centre for geospatial analysis and computation at Arizona State University. I've used the software for a few years and found it really useful, so thought I'd do a short post on it and a little video too, just to demonstrate what it looks like in action.

In the video I've not done any analysis or explored any of the capabilities with GeoDa, but rather just shown how the interface works and performed a couple of basic tasks, like adding a shapefile and making a basic choropleth map. The main thing I've used it for is measuring spatial autocorrelation in relation to deprivation in England but there are so many other uses and it is now very widely used (among spatial stats boffins at least!).

The version I'm demonstrating here isn't the only software that the GeoDa people produce - for a full list, see here. However, it is a very powerful tool for geospatial analysis and one that many researchers could not now do without...