Wednesday 20 October 2010

London Datastore

I've posted stuff before (e.g. economic deprivation, population growth) about London so this post is about data for London which is available via the London Datastore. It is a website run by the Greater London Authority which you can go to if you want data for London (obviously).

What kind of data is available? Well, you could look at the GLA Budget, average house prices, or even data on abandoned vehicles. You could also take a look at the A-Z list and/or search the archive. Hours of fun.

The data are available at various spatial scales, some below Borough level and some not. Finally, here's a map of Cannabis Possession Incidents recorded by the British Transport Police for a two-year period up to July 2010. This just covers incidents on trains, tracks, stations, etc. Click the map to see full size. The highest value is in Westminster.